Letter Love Templates!

Need some inspiration? Having writer block for your love letters? Click here for a great collection of 250 love letter, pre-written and ready to send!

They have letters for every occasion you want including nostalgic "Remember when we first met letters",to anniversary letters, Valentine's Day, Forgive Me Letters and even Erotic letters!

Best of all,you can send these letters right away or use them as a template for you own personalized letters!

Some Basic Tips

1. Write a draft first. Remember those essay writing rules? You're gonna have to apply them again. Yes, letter love writing is a bit like homework. However, your love writing will definitely have better and more pleasing results than homework ever did.

2. Hand write it. Your lover is tired of seeing text done by computer, whether it be on the phone or computer. Your own handwriting will be something new and probably a side of you he/she has never seen. One more thing to keep in mind: legible handwriting.

3. Don't try that hard. If you're not Shakespeare, don't be Shakespeare. Be yourself. Justs write the way you would talk.

4. Another part of letter love writing is using images and memories from your own relationship in the letter. This makes the letter more personal. Your lover will realize you are writing for him/her. Pick special moment and say: "Remember this?"

5. This is a letter of love writing. Don't be too graphic (unless that is how your relationship works). You want your lover to know that you love her for the emotional aspects, not just the physical.

6.Just do it. The hardest part is picking up the pen. If you don't start, how are you going to get it done? Remember it is the thought that counts. The rewards of a letter love writing will surely make up for the effort.